Get Your Three Credit Reports

More information about how to get your free credit report

There are Quite a few Ways to Get Your Credit score Reports & FICO Score

Some will give you one free but charge for the other. With most providers, you can purchase a single credit score report from one of the three credit score bureaus, or pay more for all three. Same for the FICO score, which is also available separately, usually at a lower price. You can find also packages that bundles it all up, so you get all three free credit report reviews AND the FICO score.

The government has a program that gives you access to the three reports once a year for free, but keep in mind that the FICO score is NOT free, and you will have a chance to purchase it separately during the sign-up process there. The government-backed website is credit in case you want to check it out.

You Really Need BOTH Your Credit score Reviews AND Your FICO Score

The fact is, you really do not want your credit score report without your FICO score. These three reviews contain details of your loan and payment history, for identifying anything inaccurate or negative so that you can contest it quickly. The FICO score on the other hand, is the bottom line number lenders look at to determine your loan-worthiness (they don't have the time to look at your long report all the time). You want to review BOTH at least once a year so you know where you stand. Ultimately, your FICO score will quickly determine what interest rates you qualify for, and can result in hundreds of dollars per month in interest payments!

So How Do I Get It ALL for Free?

Now, knowing that you need both the 3 credit score reviews and the FICO score in order to know where you stand, we have found that the best way to get everything is to sign up for a trial membership with one of the quality credit score monitoring services available. With most of these services, upon sign-up, you will have immediate access to your 3 cre.dit reviews and your FICO score. These monitoring services are very beneficial for staying on top of what's on your credit score report for as long as you feel like you need it. This is especially crucial if you have been a victim of identity theft. And if at anytime you feel that the monitoring service isn't for you - simply cancel it (even during the trial period), and the 3 FREE credit reports + FICO score are yours to keep for FREE no matter what, so it's risk-free.